3D Printing Training Course & Softwares

3D Printing Training Course & Softwares

In an increasingly globalized world, skills required at the workplace are rapidly changing and becoming more critical as we move further towards a technology-driven economy. Industry 4.0 might perhaps lead to a loss of a myriad of jobs which are manual and will be replaced by the technology-driven workforce .Which makes it even more important for the young guns to keep themselves on par with the technology. One such technology causing disruption to the present as well as the future is 3D Printing also known as additive manufacturing. Are you aware of this technology? Do you wish the learn the technology of 3D Printing? Opt Cyberbots for the reliable 3D Printing Training Courses in India for all ages.

At your pace

Our experienced instructor will guide you through the entire course according to your understanding and comfort level. Groups can enroll together and choose a time slot at their convenience


We will provide all the required software for your course. You do not have to worry about buying software. Course material will be provided so you can easily work through examples


With over 50 hours of course material, you will never feel insufficient practice. You will get to design several objects from scratch and print them. Practice makes you perfect


Learn the complete process of creation. Know the working of a 3D printer inside out. Learn how to handle failed prints, repair an STL file, and troubleshoot common errors faced during 3D printing

Tailored Project

Your final project will be based on your field of study or interest. For example, a student pursuing mechanical engineering could be asked to design and print a camshaft adhering to specifications provided


Earn a certificate upon successful completion of the 3D printing course. You will be evaluated throughout the course and will be directed towards areas of improvement