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CYBERBOTS, pioneer in creating leaders of technology for future. We are very glad that we have beenso far walked through 5000+ students career by seeding the knowledge in their young minds.Cyberbots believe that “Applied knowledge is power”. We ensure that our children develop the habit of applying the concept they learn in their real life scenarios.

Practical learning brings more difference than the knowledge they get from black board. It is our sole responsibility to provide the facilities for students society to experiment the concept they learn in school. With the prime motive of giving international exposure to all the children, CYBERBOTS had reachedupto 15+ schools so far in and around Chennai.

We take a pride that we are the recent winner of the moment for the year 2017 in Indian Robotics Olympiad – Tirupathi region, the flagship robotics championship held every year across the globe. Our children from a remote school in Arakonam, Vellore istrict have won the first place championship among the20+ schools participated in the event.

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What Our Students Says

Everyone hate to come to school Monday; but Monday is my favourite this year – nowadays I am waiting for Monday to attend my robotics class. I love learning robotics very much.Sidharth, class 5, Maharishi Vidya Mandir
We have created the smart dustbin robot in our school, we showed it to our school sweeper; they were very happy about us and aske us to make it in realtime. That is my great experience ever Nilani, class 9, Vivekanadha Vidyalaya
I am learning robotics with Cyberbots. Our Sunday workshop is my favourite always; My team only win all the tasks our mam give to us. I want to become robotics engineerHarshith, class 3, The Pupil school
Our team won the first place in last IRO held at tirupathi. Our mam taught us not only to build the robot but also to think logically for analysing the situations around us. with this only we tackled the task given on the spot and won the competition.Saran saloman, Parampara Academy

About Our Company

We provide complete robotics solution for school and college students of all age group. CHAMPS based robotics learning helps them to understand scientific concepts in a most fun filled manner. The program is delivered as in curriculum to all the Cyberbots associated schools. The course syllabus is tailored exclusively for each and every school with a dedicative R&D team.

Our Skills

We cater wide range of customers with the following technologies. Our experience and quality depicts the following level of skills

  • Lego Robotics 90%

  • Core Robotics 80%

  • IOT projects 70%

  • 3D Printing 65%

Our Company

Our vision is to convert the conventional classrooms into the world of science. We strongly believe that the experimental learning gives more knowledge than the blackboard learning.

To educate students about the cutting edge technologies such as Robotics, Electronics and 3D printing with high standard international kits. our prime motive is to make the learning experience fun and hands-on. We would like create the leaders of tomorrow from the school level so that the knowledge they gain will replicate with their higher studies

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Now a days children are filled with the desire to discover their own world; they want to rule the entire kingdom with their own creativity. Today's technolgy drives them to create their world as robotized.

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